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Post  Randy Orton on Sat Apr 24, 2010 12:28 am

1. Don't stalk this forum or any other forum or a forum's members. We know of a person who is so if you happen to see her on please let an admin know so we can ban her for the 8th time. She is located in the southern North Carolina area. We have had a bunch of problems with her copycatting and we don't want it to continue and we want the pathetic person to get a life and leave us and our forums alone. If you have a similar rule to this on your forum and you don't follow it you're a hypocrite. Just a little lesson...I'm sure the members on here will get. The stalker...probably not.

2.There currently is no character limit until the site starts to grow

3. Respect the other board members, no bashing them, their characters or their character faces

4. Run all storyline ideas you may have through ALL members it may effect. Do not force anyone into a storyline they do not want to do.

5. Character faces are allowed to be doubled if the following steps are taken:
a) If you are doubling a character face that only you use please notify an administrator
b) If you are doubling a character face that another member uses please be sure the
other member is okay with this

6. Remain active, notify an administrator if you will be gone for a long period of time, unused accounts will be deleted after one month of inactivity

7. Have fun!!!!!!!
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